Now that your dream kitchen is in place, you’re left standing in admiration. Your new granite kitchen countertops are providing the finishing touches you’ve always envisioned. But, now what? As with anything, there is maintenance involved to preserve the integrity of your granite.

As experienced professionals in the industry, our team has compiled this helpful list of dos and don’ts regarding granite care. With piles of conflicting advice available, having a team that you can trust is imperative. When it concerns the care of your granite, the team at Spencer Granite is just that!



Clean your countertops with mild soap and water for tough cleaning. However, it’s important to keep in mind that even though soap won’t cause damage to your granite, over time it will cause residue build-up. Always the best bet, investing in cleaners that are specifically designed for natural stone will ensure optimal daily results. If this type of cleaner isn’t available, warm water and a soft cloth is the best choice.



Use harsh cleaning chemicals, like Lysol wipes and Windex on granite countertops. These types of chemicals will not only dull but will also strip the protective coating of your kitchen countertops. Particular ingredients to avoid are:

  • Vinegar
  • Ammonia
  • Lemon (this does not include pure essential oils for homemade cleaning solutions)



Consider polishing your stone at least once per month. By doing so, you’ll help to eliminate the appearance of fingerprints while enhancing the natural shine.

Along the same line, you’ll want to set aside time to reseal your granite at least once a year. Although, depending on the use of your countertops, this action may be needed more or less frequently. By ensuring the proper sealing for your granite, you can help the stone resist spills, staining, and embedded dirt.



Use your new kitchen countertops as a stool. Even though granite is an extremely hard resource, with enough weight applied, it can crack.

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Use cutting boards and hot pads. A common misconception with granite is that it’s resistant to all. Even though rare, granite has been known to crack due to “thermal shock.” Thus, it’s always best to play it safe and place a barrier between the counter and your hot cooking ware.

Similarly, cutting directly on your kitchen countertops can lead to unwanted scratches. Besides scratches, this is a sure way to dull knives quickly.


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