When remodeling a home, kitchens and bathrooms are the top two areas of focus for a homeowner.  Often, counter replacement is a given unless it was recently upgraded.  One of the most common counter materials chosen is granite.  However, quartz is making a strong run for first place.  Both providing desirable benefits, quartz is the harder of the two. Thus, quartz is a more durable option than granite.  Here at Spencer Granite, we offer a variety of options from Caesarstone quartz to granite and marble. 


Who is Caesarstone Quartz?

Caesarstone Ltd. manufactures premium quartz surfaces for a range of applications such as kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and counters, wall cladding, floors, and other interior surfaces for both residential and commercial projects.  So what makes them different than the competition? With over thirty years of industry-leading expertise, Caesarstone incorporates a team of architects, designer, and home builders to ensure the best product available to their customers.  A Caesarstone quartz countertop will not only elevate the beauty of your counter but its functionality as well.


The Process

Although many of us only look at aesthetics when choosing our slab of future counter, there is more to the story.  From the rigorous inspection of incoming raw materials to the high-standard quality testing of the finished slab, a Caesarstone quartz countertop will be nothing less than perfect. 

Once the raw materials have been approved and mixed with one another, they are then poured into a mold.  This mold is compressed, removing any air, and creating a compressed surface.  Once this step is completed, the slabs are moved to the curing kiln, which will provide the strength one expects from quartz.  Polished to a perfect finish, the slabs are then sent for testing and labeled.


Their Commitment to the Environment

Because natural countertops take their toll on the environment, Caesarstone is continuously trying to improve.  Not only does Caesarstone meet American Greenguard standards, but they’ve also been credited by the National Sanitation Foundation for use in laboratories, healthcare facilities, and food preparation environments.  With up to 42% recycled and reclaimed quartz in their product, protecting the world’s resources with an eco-friendly, sustainable practice is a top priority.


For more information on how Caesarstone quartz counters can benefit your home, give Spencer Granite a call.   Providing installation services directly from the supplier, the team at Spencer Granite is your go-to for quality quartz countertops in your home.  Visit us online or call our store at (603) 402-9221.