With a variety of choices available to the homeowner, it can sometimes be overwhelming to choose the right countertop for your needs.  However, granite countertops in New Hampshire tend to be the go-to for many homeowners.  Being the Granite State, we have access to several sources of granite.  With more access comes more variety.  Thus, granite tends to be the perfect solution since its versatile enough to fit into any décor. 


We Are the Granite State

Being the Granite State, why wouldn’t New Englanders love granite? Because of the numerous granite quarries across the state line, New Hampshire earned its name in the 1820s from an unlikely visitor.  The nickname is said to have arisen during a reception held for General Lafayette, a hero of the American Revolution.  At a public dinner for Lafayette, Colonel Carrigain sang a song which ended, “…He comes by fond entreaties mov’d, The Granite State to see.”  The song, or poem, was later published in the Concord Monitor on June 25, 1825, and circulated from there.  Thus, the state earned its nickname.


We Are Busy People

Here in New England, life can be crazy.  From daily to-dos to surprise to-dos, it sometimes can feel like there’s no time for yourself.  Thus, when you can save yourself time, in any element of daily life, jumping at the opportunity is crucial.  Therefore, the option of choosing granite countertops in New Hampshire should be a no brainer!  Granite has a nonporous surface making it highly resistant to dirt and bacteria.  Further, if a spill is to occur, with a little warm water and a soft towel, your counter will be looking as good as new.  A perfect solution for any family, but especially those with young children.


We Love Benefits

Not only do granite countertops provide easy maintenance in our schedule filled days, but they offer several other benefits as well.  Because life is crazy, we take what we can when we can here in New Hampshire! With benefits like these, how can you pass it by:

  • Versatility
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Range of Colors and Textures
  • Heat-Resistant
  • Durability


If you’re considering changing to granite countertops in your New Hampshire home, then consider Spencer Granite.  With the state’s largest selection of granite, you sure to find a color and pattern to match your décor.  Visit us online to view a few ideas of what we offer, or give our showroom a call at (978) 664-1471.


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