While staying on top of the latest styles and trends isn’t for everyone, for some, it’s exactly what’s needed. And, when it comes to residential and commercial countertops, natural stone is the way to go. Depending on how trendy you want to go, considering the color of the times is the next step. This year, not only is natural stone the preferred choice, but you may want to consider black stone as well!

Updating your countertops is one of the best ways to give your home a fresh new look. Whether you’re looking to update your kitchen or bathroom, black natural stone countertops will quickly transform an outdated, boring space into one that leaves your friends and family in awe.


Why is natural stone the best choice for countertops?

With several choices on the market, choosing the best type of material for your new countertops can quickly become overwhelming. However, when you step back to consider the important factors, you’ll quickly realize that natural stone makes the cut in nearly every category.

For instance, durability in kitchens is generally one of the most significant factors. Because most kitchens are the center of everyday life, choosing a material that is resistant to heat and handles high-traffic without the fear of chipping or staining is a must. Natural stones like granite provide these qualities while also offering homeowners a myriad of colors and unique patterns.

With various options on the market, choosing the best material for your new countertops can prove overwhelming. However, when considering all of the factors, one will quickly realize that natural stones make the cut when it comes to needs and requirements.


Won’t darker countertops make the room seem smaller?

One of the most common questions we hear regarding darker countertops is whether or not it will make the room seem smaller. While this belief is true for other elements, such as your wall paint, it’s not a concern with your countertops. Homeowners have the opportunity to enhance a dark countertop through other aspects like the cabinets, backsplash, window treatments, lighting, and furniture selection.

So, while many people are hesitant to incorporate black features into their home, we invite you to explore the possibilities! At Spencer Granite, our team will help you design the kitchen, bathroom, or even the outdoor patio space of your dreams! No matter if you have a tiny bathroom or a gourmet kitchen, black natural stone countertops create an ultra-modern look that fits seamlessly.


At Spencer Granite, we have the most extensive inventory natural stone countertops for every space, every design, and every décor. For more information on how Spencer Granite can assist, contact our team today at (603) 402-9221.