If you’re ready to replace your kitchen countertops, you may also be thinking about changing the layout or design. Whether it’s to make the space more functional or visually appealing, or both, a new countertop layout can completely change your kitchen. At Spencer Granite, we want to help you upgrade your kitchen to the beautiful and functional space you deserve. With our wide selection of natural stone countertops, we can help you craft your ideal kitchen.


Here are some creative layout and design ideas to upgrade your kitchen with new countertops.


Multi-Level Countertops

Multi-level countertops create a visually interesting space as well as improve your kitchen’s functionality. For example, if you’re an avid bread-baker, kneading dough at a standard-height counter can be difficult. A section of your counter at a lower height can be easier and more comfortable. Higher sections can also be useful. If you often use part of your counter as a bar, a taller height can be more functional and differentiate the spaces.


Inset Prep Surfaces

Holding a cutting board in place or looking for a trivet while holding a hot pan in one hand are cooking challenges we’ve all experienced. When you install new countertops, you can eliminate those annoyances. With custom countertops, you can include inset food prep surfaces like cutting boards or trivets. You’ll save yourself a little space in your cabinets and a lot of frustration while cooking.


Color Block Design

What if you’re happy with the layout of your countertops, but they’re just a little boring to look at? When selecting new countertops, there’s no rule that you have to pick one color for the entire kitchen. To create visual appeal and differentiate between spaces, a color block design is a creative solution. In most kitchens, the sink and stove break up the countertop surface, anyway, so you alternate colors or choose a different color for each section.


Natural Stone Kitchen Countertops | Spencer Granite

When you’re ready to update your kitchen countertops, our team at Spencer Granite is here to help. We provide granite, quartz, marble, and other natural stone countertops from top suppliers so you can find the perfect choice for your home.


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