When you’re ready to replace your kitchen countertops, you have to make a lot of decisions, starting with the material. But once you’ve made that choice, the process isn’t over. Now it’s time to choose the color. If you, as many homeowners do, select granite for your countertops, selecting the right slab can be a tough decision. Your New Hampshire granite supplier will have multiple attractive options, and multiple factors will contribute to your decision. At Specencer Granite, we want you to be happy with your decision, and we’re here to help.


Here are some tips from a New Hampshire granite supplier to help you choose the right color for your new countertops.


Match Your Color Scheme

Because it is a natural stone, granite is almost never one solid color. To find a slab that will match the color scheme in your kitchen, there are two choices. You can match the primary color in a slab, or you can match the colors in the veins or streaks. The former is a bolder choice, while the latter is a subtler option. Which direction you go will depend on whether you want your countertop to stand out or blend into your kitchen design.


Light or Dark?

No matter which colors from the granite you choose to highlight, the slab will be predominantly light or predominantly dark. Whether you choose light or dark granite depends on the size of your kitchen and how well-lit it is. In a small kitchen, dark granite can be overwhelming and make the room feel crowded. Dark granite can have a dramatic effect in a large kitchen, especially if it gets a lot of natural light. If your kitchen does not get a lot of natural light, lighter colors are usually preferable, no matter the size of the room.


Use Reliable Pairs

Design and decor aren’t in everyone’s wheelhouse, but there are some tried and true pairings that can help you choose granite colors. Here are some common granite and cabinet pairs to help you out:

  • Sand-colored or neutral granite with very dark hardwood, like mahogany
  • Black or dark granite with light wood, like oak
  • Granite with green hues and deep brown cabinets
  • Earth tone or white granite with red or cherry wood


Spencer Granite Co. | New Hampshire Granite

Granite is one of the most popular choices for countertops because it is durable and beautiful. When you work with the right New Hampshire granite supplier, you can find the perfect stone for your home. Contact us at 603-402-9221 to start your search with Spencer Granite today!