Cooking outside on the grill is an essential part of summer, but many outdoor chefs like to take it to the next level. If you are serious about cooking outdoors in your family, you may have considered installing an outdoor kitchen. You can install a pizza oven, a grill, and even a stove outside so you can enjoy the summer weather while preparing a meal with your friends and family. And just like an indoor kitchen, there’s something your outdoor kitchen won’t be complete without: countertops. Marble and granite are the best materials for outdoor kitchens, and where better to turn for marble and granite in NH than Spencer Granite?


Shopping for marble and granite in NH for your outdoor kitchen countertops? Let us help you choose between the two.



If you want luxury, you want marble. With beautiful natural colors and veining, there’s no better stone to make your outdoor kitchen look like a culinary oasis. Marble is resistant to heat, so it will have no problems being near a hot pizza oven or grill. You will, however, have to protect it from weathering. Unlike its indoor counterpart, an outdoor kitchen will have to face the elements. To protect your marble countertops from water and wear, you should seal them regularly. If you keep up with the maintenance, your outdoor marble countertops will continue to look beautiful for years.



Although not as luxurious as marble, granite is the most popular choice for outdoor kitchens, and with good reason. It’s a natural stone formed by ancient volcanic activity, so it can stand up to quite a bit. You can find slabs in several colors and patterns, so you won’t have any difficulty in finding granite that matches your style and preferences. Granite is also resistant to heat, as well as scratching and chipping. When it comes to durability, it’s hard to beat granite. And we think its natural, earthy beauty makes it perfect for outdoor kitchens.


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Whether you prefer to cook indoors or outdoors, you won’t find a better selection of marble and granite in NH than at Spencer Granite. We will help you select your slab and fabricate it to the exact specifications of your countertops. Cook inside or outside in style!


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