If you’re new to owning your natural stone countertop, you could be unaware of what goes into maintaining the look. Natural stones like granite, marble, and quartz are all attractive options for home countertops that seem to never go out of style. 


The sleek shine can work with any home, especially since there are so many different colors and textures to choose from! Here at Spencer Granite, we offer the best quality natural stone countertops in New Hampshire. Now, let’s take a look at how to care for them properly!


Natural stone is porous.

While it might not seem like the case, natural stone is porous! This is due to how the rock was formed millions of years ago. Porosity is the term for tiny spaces on the surface of the stone. If a piece of stone has a high level of porosity, it means there are more holes. Thus, it can lead to stains or etches due to liquids being absorbed into the small spaces.


What can damage stone?

Spills can lead to permanent stains or damage. While this is true for most materials, it’s especially important if you want to keep your stone countertop in the best shape possible. So, acidic foods and liquids are at the highest risk of damaging your countertops. For example, vinegar, tomatoes, lemon juice, and wine are likely to stain countertops made from marble or limestone. Thus, it’s a good idea to seal these countertops to prevent the liquids from being absorbed into the stone. 


Sealing countertops.

One of the easiest ways to prevent unwanted stains is by sealing the surface. These sealants protect against staining, etching, and debris buildup over time. Thus, you’ll always have a clean, beautiful countertop in your home, whether it’s in the kitchen or bathroom! If you notice dark rings or water spots, you’ll know it’s time for another round of sealant. 


Natural Stone Options at Spencer Granite

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