For hundreds of years, marble tile has been a go-to for various residential and commercial projects. The natural veining and various color blends of marble adds elegance and durability to several applications. From flooring to showers, countertops to grand entryways, marble makes a statement. However, as one of the top marble and granite companies in MA and NH, our team at Spencer Granite has also seen the worst.

Because this natural stone is softer than the alternative, granite, keeping up with maintenance becomes imperative. But with proper maintenance comes the need for knowledge. Marble floors, for example, require regular cleaning and specific care to preserve their integrity. Here is a basic guide for cleaning marble flooring.


How often should you clean your marble flooring?

The answer to this question depends on several factors. The biggest factor being the amount of foot traffic your flooring endures. If you are a home with no pets or children and few guests, the maintenance schedule will be much different than a home with a large family, frequent visitors and a couple of dogs.

While each home is different, the general rule of thumb is once a week for dust mopping and once a month for deep cleaning.

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Not all cleaners are safe for marble.

Marble has a natural adverse effect when exposed to any acidic substance. The reaction often leads to permanent discoloration of your flooring – no thanks! So, you can see why selecting the proper cleaning solution becomes imperative.

Harsh cleaners that contain ammonia and bleach will also cause damage to the finish. Even if the bottle states that the product is “manufacturer recommended,” be sure to check the ingredients!


Gathering the right equipment.

The following list a few items that are safe for marble flooring.

  • Dust mop
  • Damp cloth mop
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Mild soap with a pH7
  • Stone soap designed for marble
  • Hydrogen peroxide


Now that you have the tools, here is the knowledge to complete the cleaning package!


  • Clean spills immediately. This is especially true for juices, wine, muddy footprints, and other items that could easily cause staining or scratch your floor. Using your damp microfiber cloth, your spill should come up easily without damaging or scratching your marble.
  • Daily dust mopping is an excellent practice to trap loose dust and debris that could potentially scratch the floor. Furthermore, this step always comes first before wet mopping.
  • Wetting mopping with a solution of warm water and soap (see above) is generally a safe bet. Again, be sure to read your labels carefully. After mopping, rinse your floors as well, so there is no soap residue left behind.


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Beyond the regular maintenance your marble tile flooring requires, taking other preventative measures is also recommended. For example, sealing your floor, adding furniture pads to legs, and the such all help in avoiding scratches and staining.

When it comes to marble and granite companies in MA and NH, invest in one you can trust. At Spencer Granite our team of experienced professionals are here to help. From selecting the right type of stone for your project to empowering you with the knowledge to maintain its integrity, we take pride in the service we give!

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