When it’s time to replace or upgrade your kitchen countertops, you have a lot of choices. They all have their pros and cons, but we think it’s hard to beat natural stone. Synthetic materials have come a long way in recent years, but there’s nothing quite like the real thing. There’s a reason granite, marble, and similar materials have always been preferred by kitchen designers and homeowners alike.


Here’s why we love natural stone for kitchen countertops.


It lasts (almost) forever.

Natural materials are durable and strong, which means that they are great for kitchens. They are resistant to scratches, chips, and stains. With all the things in your kitchen that could damage your countertops, you want them to be resilient. It also means that your counters will last for a long time, making them a great investment. If you take good care of your countertops, they can last you a lifetime.


It looks great.

The timeless beauty of natural stone is unparalleled by man-made materials. Synthetic countertops have come a long way in recent years, but you can still tell the difference. No two slabs of granite or marble are exactly the same, either, which gives your kitchen a unique character. It’s also easy to keep your countertops looking great. Natural stones are low-maintenance. Regular cleaning and periodic sealing are often all you need to do to keep your counters looking beautiful.


It’s eco-friendly.

As an added bonus, natural materials are eco-friendly. Natural stone is an abundant and renewable resource. And because it is a naturally-occurring material, there is no waste or pollution from the manufacturing process. Synthetic materials require more resources to produce and create more waste.


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Natural Stone Countertops by Spencer Granite

Natural stone countertops are a beautiful addition to any kitchen. Their unique colors and patterns will take your kitchen from cookie-cutter to one-of-a-kind as soon as you have them installed. At Spencer Granite, we supply our customers with the best a most beautiful granite and marble slabs that become kitchen and bathroom countertops, fireplaces, and more.


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