From laminate to marble, kitchen countertops are available in the most extensive selection ever provided to homeowners. Thus, when considering the perfect material for your home, there are several factors to take into account. For instance, budget, style, recent trends, and the durability the material provides to your lifestyle are equally important players. Whichever direction you take, achieving the look of the top trending countertops is easier than you may think. 

At Spencer Granite, our experienced professionals can help bring any look to your kitchen or bath remodel. Here, we’re taking a closer look at a few of the top trending kitchen countertops you can expect to see in the upcoming months.


Quartz Countertops

As one of the biggest competitors to granite, quartz is a strong contender that is here to stay. Dominating the residential countertop scene, quartz kitchen countertops provide an aesthetically pleasing and durable solution. With a naturally non-porous surface, quartz is highly-resistance to stains and bacteria, making it one of the most hygienic countertop options to homeowners.

quartz countertops

Honed Finishes

Beyond the material selection, finishes also play a critical role in the overall look of your new countertops. While polished finishes remain the most popular choice, honed finishes are stealing the show in 2022. 

A honed finish is a matte finish with little to no shine. However, the overall look will vary depending on the stone type. This type of finish works best with marble and helps hide flaws and scratches.


Neutral Tones

You have your material and know which finish you’d like; now it’s time to get into the fun stuff – color. Although the color choice ultimately comes down to the homeowner’s preference, neutral tones are quickly becoming the number one go-to. 

The days of pop colors and jet black counters have quickly become the past. Today whites and soft grays dominate the countertop scene. However, because of the composition makeup of stone, you’re still likely to see hints of blues and browns within the stone’s natural texture. 

kitchen countertops massachusetts 

During one of the hottest real estate markets, upgrading your home is a worthwhile investment. And, the kitchen is always one of the best rooms to begin. As the central area of gathering in the house, your kitchen countertops make a lasting impression. 

For expert advice and installation, contact Spencer Granite today. We offer quick turnaround times on hundreds of different options. Whether you’re looking for granite or quartz, we have your kitchen countertop requirements met! 

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