If you’re remodeling your kitchen or getting new kitchen countertops, you might be getting a new sink as well. You’ve probably looked at a lot of designs and styles, and it can be difficult to choose which one is best for your kitchen. A popular style right now is the farmhouse sink. Many people have chosen it for their kitchens because of the retro look and spacious design. But farmhouse sinks aren’t right for every kitchen.


Here are some of the pros and cons of farmhouse sinks to help you decide if you should install one when you replace your kitchen countertops.


Pro: Lots of Space

The biggest pro of a farmhouse sink is the amount of space it has. Farmhouse sinks were designed back in the day to wash everything from dishes to babies, so the depth comes from practicality. They are great for washing pots and pans as well as baking sheets and other large dishes. There’s also plenty of space to pile the dishes up if you regularly use lots of dishes while cooking or have a lot of people for dinner.


Con: Long Fall

The deep, open design can be a drawback as well as an advantage, however. Soapy water makes things slippery, and if you drop something, it has a longer way to fall, so it’s more likely that it will break. This risk is especially present if you are washing something delicate like glassware.


Pro: Sleek Style

Many homeowners gravitate towards farmhouse sinks because of their sleek design aesthetic. Because of its large size and smooth front, a farmhouse sink immediately becomes the focal point of the kitchen. Because there are so many things in a kitchen, having a focal point can bring it together and make the space feel more cohesive.


Con: Installation Woes

Farmhouse sinks are bigger than standard sinks, so it is usually not possible to install one without making changes to the countertop. You will also lose a little bit of counter space on either side of the sink, which is important to consider when installing a farmhouse sink with your new or existing kitchen countertops.


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