Upgrading your kitchen countertops to granite involves choices. From choosing the right contractor to picking your granite slab and the aesthetic details, the possibilities may be overwhelming. However, the team at Spencer Granite is here to help! Below we’ve created a list of the most common edging when upgrading to granite countertops.



Bullnose edging is one of the most popular choices among homeowners for several different reasons. One of the biggest of those reasons is that a bullnose edge is a cost-effective solution. However, don’t think that a cheaper solution will interfere in the appearance. Bullnose edging is a timeless classic that will provide homeowners with a clean and inviting appearance. Furthermore, a full bullnose is an entirely rounded edge that provides your countertops with a thinner look and feel if that is the overall look you’re envisioning.

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Another traditional style edging option is referred to as an ogee edge. This type of radius will provide your kitchen with a sophisticated and elegant aesthetic with its combination of angles. Ogee edging begins with a line that leads downwards into to flowing curve of arches.

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Although many people consider the round edge as one of the same with a bullnose, it’s quite different. A rounded edge begins round but leads into a straight bottom edge. This type of solution is perfect for creating the illusion of a thickercountertop.

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Although the option is available, our team will always add even a small radius to a square edge. By doing so, we’ll eliminate any sharp edging that you or your family and guests may encounter. A better option than a straight square is an eased edge. This cut is a softer square that works well, even in small kitchens.

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To say beveled edging entails a large group of options. With a variety of options in radius, homeowners can create a unique manageable edging design. For example, your edge could be created at ¼ of an inch, or 3/8 of an inch, the choice is yours! If you’re looking for an easy to clean edging option that will complement any home design, consider a beveled edge.

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Although there are several other options for kitchen countertops and edging, the above mentioned are a few of the most popular choices. If you’re not sure which edge is best for your home, contact our team at Spencer Granite today. Our team of experts has the experience and knowledge you need to create the kitchen of your dreams! Call us at (603) 402-9221 or email us spencergraniteco@hotmail.com.