If you’re thinking of adding granite to your home, there are a few things your local granite suppliers in Massachusetts want you to know. The professionals at Spencer Granite know a thing or two about granite, and care is always a top priority after an installation! Here are a few tips for granite care after installation. 

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Seal Your Granite!

To keep your granite looking its best, sealing it is essential! Granite countertops not only absorb liquids but grease and pigments as well. After installing any granite countertop, your supplier will seal the stone and recommend an annual sealant. This annual treatment is essential for the longevity of your granite countertops, and the task itself is pretty straightforward! 

When applying a sealant, it’s best to use a quality sealer designed to resist water and oil-based stains. Work in small areas to give the sealer time to absorb before applying a second layer. After sealing the entire surface, wait for the recommended time before using them. Be sure to ask your granite supplier which sealant is right for your countertops.

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Tips to Protect Your Granite

Other than sealing granite annually, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure the longevity of your countertops. These things include:

Using a Pot Holder!

Potholders and hot pads aren’t just to protect your hands. Sure, granite can withstand heat! However, if you place a hot pan on your stone countertop daily, there is bound to be some discoloration or even extensive damage over time. Avoid placing hot pans, pots, and other items directly on stone surfaces. Instead, you can use hot pads, trivets, and other protective materials.

Read You Cleaning Product Labels.

Did you know? Even sealed countertops can be damaged by tough cleaning products!

As a general rule, it’s best to avoid acidic or corrosive cleaning products – they can discolor your surfaces or damage them over time. Instead, it’s recommended to use water and soap to clean the countertops. However, you can always inquire about other cleaning products. 

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Countertops from Granite Suppliers Massachusetts

If you’re looking to add granite to your home, visit Spencer Granite, your local granite supplier in MA! Not into granite? We also provide bar tops, shower walls, patios, backsplashes, and more. In addition, you can make your choice of granite, marble, or quartz stone.