Your countertop is the biggest surface in your kitchen, so you want it to be just right when you replace it. From material to color to finish, there are a lot of choices that stand between you and your beautiful new countertop. At Spencer Granite, we know that replacing your kitchen counter is an investment. Our experts will help you select the perfect countertop for your kitchen. Here are some of the trends we’re excited about for kitchen countertops in MA.

We love quartz.

Quartz is a perennial favorite for countertops, and that trend has continued into this year. We source our quartz from several top-notch vendors, so you’re sure to find an option that will look gorgeous in your kitchen. We usually associate quartz with shades of white and light pink, but quartz comes in bold and dark colors as well. Quartz is a very durable material and is actually harder than granite. It’s also easy to keep bacteria-free because quartz is not porous. However, heat can easily damage quartz, so you should always use heating pads under hot pans.

Choose bold colors.

Because your countertops are the main feature of your kitchen, choosing a bold color will stand out. If you have white cabinets, a black or dark-colored countertop will make a bold statement. If you don’t want to go as dark, greens, reds, and sandy browns are also options. Striking a contrast between your countertop and the rest of your cabinets will bring some life to your kitchen and keep the different elements from blending together.

Use natural beauty.

All the materials we use to make kitchen countertops in MA are natural stone. One of the many benefits of natural stone is natural beauty. No two slabs are exactly alike. Each slab has unique veining and patterns. Many people prefer the natural look of the slab over a single uniform color. If a high-contrast light cabinets and dark countertop look isn’t to your taste, choosing a light-colored countertop with dark veining is another attractive option. A uniform color can be visually uninteresting, but a countertop made from a multicolored slab can instantly beautify your kitchen.

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Natural stone kitchen countertops in MA

Your kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in your home, and you want to love being it. Beautiful kitchen countertops are the simplest way to get your dream kitchen.

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