As one of the premier granite stores in Massachusetts, our team is often asked which natural stone is better, quartz or granite. Although we’d love to provide a definite answer, the answer lies within several different factors. For instance, personal needs, location, and the amount of use the countertops will endure are all considerations. Each material holds its own properties that some consider strengths, while others find them irrelevant. In this article, we’re taking a brief look at the two to provide you with some food for thought on your countertop journey.



Among other factors, durability is one of the top concerns for homeowners. While bathrooms may not endure as much traffics, areas of the home like outdoor patios and kitchen countertops need more robust solutions. While granite is an extremely durable material, quartz is actually harder.



Known for its resistance against cracks and chipping, granite it the perfect budget-friendly solution for many homes. However, due to its porous nature, this material may be susceptible to stains and harboring bacteria. However, with proper care and regular maintenance, homeowners can ensure a seamless finish that helps to alleviate these concerns.

Furthermore, the strength that granite provides to kitchens is ideal. Instead of searching for hot plates or space on the stovetop, this material can handle hot pots and pans with ease.


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On the other side, you have the nearly indestructible quartz countertop. Because of this superhero strength, areas like scratches, chips, and cracks are certainly not an issue here. Furthermore, unlike granite, quartz is a nonporous material. That means that those unexpected spills are less of a concern when it comes to bacteria and discoloration of your stone.

However, the one area where granite supersedes quartz in its ability to handle heat. Unlike granite, quartz can be quickly damaged by excessive heat. Thus, homeowners will want to keep those heating pads handy when cooking.


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When deciding between the two materials, it’s important to keep a few things top of mind. First, the intended area of use and the traffic that the area will undergo. Second, your budget. While quartz may seem the no-brainer option in regards to durability, homeowners should expect to deep a bit deeper when opting for these countertops.

Another benefit of visiting granite stores in Massachusetts, we have a large selection of colors and patterns to provide homeowners with a unique surface that stands out from the rest. With an almost limitless selection, here at Spencer Granite, we have a natural stone variety sure to meet the needs of any home.

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