Is it time to finally upgrade your outdoor kitchen with a beautiful granite countertop? Style, functionality, and durability are the main things to focus on when designing your outdoor kitchen countertops. Due to the exposure to the brutal New England weather, you want to make sure that your outdoor design will last for years to come! Here at Spencer Granite, we carry the highest quality and most affordable granite countertops in New Hampshire. 


Outdoor Kitchen Upgrades – Granite Countertops

Do you have an outdoor kitchen but want to make an update or upgrade? Well, granite is known for its extreme durability against the elements while still maintaining an elegant appearance. You can choose from a variety of colors and textures to fit your needs. Accordingly, granite countertops provide an instant upgrade to your home’s outdoor environment. Plus, Spencer Granite is New Hampshire’s expert in granite, so you can be assured that you’ll be receiving an incredible product.


Maintain the Classic Look

Despite having a natural resistance to wear and tear, granite countertops still need some help to maintain the classy shine. How does one make the shine last? First of all, applying a sealer to the granite countertop will help protect it from stains. Rain, snow, and spills can leave permanent marks! Furthermore, you can also polish the granite regularly. This will help preserve the showroom quality. Lastly, keeping up with general cleaning and dusting will prevent grime and dust from building up over time. 


Options for Granite Countertops in New Hampshire

Did you know that the colors and textures of granite are determined by the concentrations of minerals within the rock? For example, granite with quartz adds the milky white color, while biotite adds deep black to the rock!


Black Pearl Granite

Do you think a stunning black granite countertop would be the perfect addition? The black, silver, and gold flecks will add a significant wow factor to any outdoor kitchen!


White Granite

White granite is the most classic option, but it’s like that for a reason! The unique and ageless look that white granite will match any decor. Plus, it’s easy to maintain!


Spencer Granite

Whether you’re designing the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams, Spencer Granite has the experience and inventory to make your vision come to life! From the most extensive and unique granite countertops in New Hampshire, you can have peace of mind that we have the solution you require.