When it comes to marble and granite countertops, homeowners are faced with several decisions. Often, one of the toughest is choosing the perfect color and pattern for your space. Whether you’re designing your forever home or upgrading to sell, your kitchen countertops are one of the most significant features to grab the attention of visitors and potential buyers. While marble countertops are popular, granite remains one of the most durable choices for homeowners. So, how do you go about choosing the right options to ensure a solid choice that you won’t regret?

In this article, we’re providing you with a few considerations when it comes to color selection for your kitchen countertops.


Figuring out your overall aesthetic

Every home has a unique vibe. Whether you call it modern or rustic, or perhaps you never thought of it, there is a tone to your décor. The first step in choosing the right color for your countertops is figuring out what your vibe is. However, you don’t want to base this solely around replaceable furniture. Consider your permanent features such as cabinet color, flooring, and other intricate details throughout the home. Once you have a good idea of where your aesthetic falls, it’s time to look at how colors speak.


Black marble and granite

Believe it or not, black stone is one of the most elegant choices. Whether or not your kitchen can pull black off is another story. As many of you know, dark colors enclose a space. So, if you’re leaning towards black countertops, you want to be sure your kitchen has an abundance of natural lighting throughout the day. The natural light, combined with the subtle silver flickers in black granite provides a timeless, neutral look that mixes well with most cabinetry.


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White countertops

On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find white. Radiating a contemporary look and feel, white granite is one of the most versatile choices available. However, unlike black countertops, cabinetry material plays a role in whether or not white counters will work. Before you select your white granite slab, request samples and match them to your cabinetry. Most white granite will contain subtle hints of gray, blue, and even red – choosing the right combination is crucial in avoiding a washed out kitchen.



Blue granite

Possibility the most popular choice for kitchen countertops, is blue granite. Valued for its unique patterns, blue granite often incorporates shades of black, gray, white, and browns. This color provides homeowners a versatile solution that works in nearly every home regardless of cabinetry and aesthetics.


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