Granite countertops in MA are a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms due to their durability, aesthetic appeal, and ease of maintenance. Many of our customers come to us at Spencer Granite after careful research because they’ve concluded it’s the best countertop material. However, caring for granite countertops requires some attention to detail to ensure their longevity and beauty.


Here are some tips for caring for your granite countertops.


Clean Spills Immediately

Granite is a porous material, which means it can absorb liquids if spills are not wiped up promptly. To avoid staining, clean spills as soon as they occur using a soft cloth or paper towel. Avoid using abrasive cleaning products or scrubbers, as these can scratch the surface of the granite. You have to be especially careful of spills if you choose a slab in a light color.


Use a Mild Cleaner

When cleaning your granite countertops, use a mild, pH-neutral cleaner designed specifically for granite surfaces. Avoid using harsh chemicals, such as bleach or ammonia, as they can damage the surface of the granite. Granite is a natural stone, so abrasive cleaners can damage it.


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Seal Your Countertops

You should seal granite countertops to protect them from stains and scratches. Depending on the type of granite and the amount of use your countertops receive, you may need to seal them every six months to two years. Check with your granite installer or manufacturer for specific recommendations on sealing your countertops.


Use Trivets and Coasters

To prevent heat damage, always use trivets or hot pads under hot pots and pans. Similarly, use coasters under glasses and cups to prevent water rings and stains.


Avoid Cutting on Your Countertops

While granite is a durable material, it is not scratch-proof. To avoid scratches and damage, always use a cutting board when preparing food. Your knife blades will stay sharp for longer, too!


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By following these simple tips, you can keep your granite countertops looking beautiful for years to come. Regular cleaning and maintenance will not only keep your countertops looking great but also help to preserve their durability and functionality. If you’re looking into Granite countertops in MA, check us out! Contact us at 603-402-9221 to consult with our team.