When it comes to home remodels, the decisions to be made can be overwhelming.  With a variety of options on each element you’re replacing, you may find your head buzzing with stress.  However, at Spencer Granite, we strive to make our customers lives easy.  If you can’t decide between marble and granite countertops, here’s a list of characteristics that may help you choose which material is right for your needs.



Whether you’re replacing counters in the kitchen or bathroom, the aesthetic you’re aiming for will differ between individuals.  As with any material, appearance is a personal preference.  Luckily both marble and granite will provide a vast array of colors and patterns sure to entice your senses. 

However, when it comes to tone, granite will provide your home with a more natural feel and a wider variety of options.  Thus, granite tends to be a popular choice for modern and traditional homes, whereas marble creates a feeling of elegance and luxury.  Typically incorporated in high-end establishments, marble is mostly available in black and white.



This category takes great consideration on the traffic of your home.  Although the two materials are considered strong and damage-resistant, granite will prove the best option in high traffic areas.  Known for resisting cracks and chips, granite is also nonporous.  Thus, granite becomes the least likely surface to harbor dirt and bacteria.  Furthermore, the strength that granite provides allows hot items, such as pots and pans, to be placed directly onto its surface. 

On the other hand, marble has a much more porous surface.  So, not only will maintenance be a bit more intensive, but homeowners will also need to be more aware of stains.  Beyond the capability of staining, marble has also been known to scratch under intense pressure.



When deciding between marble and granite, your budget should be one of the first considerations.  Although prices are slightly lower than in previous years, marble will leave a more significant dent in the wallet than granite.  However, companies will offer discounts and incentives throughout the year, leaving any option an affordable choice.



For expert advice on which countertop is best for your needs, contact Spencer Granite at (978) 664-1471.  Our team of professionals can help answer any question you may have and provide the solution you need.  With integrity and courtesy as the top of our hallmarks, we guarantee complete satisfaction to our customers!

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